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This website is intended for designer's clients. There are a million websites intended for designers that inform them about different subjects, provide resources to download, provide tutorials about design software, etc., but there are no websites intended to inform designers' clients properly. But, is this really important? Why should the client be informed about the basics of design if the designer is doing the job anyway? If you think the designer is the only one in charge of the design job and that information for the client is not necessary, you are wrong. For a design to be accurate and to be properly developed, the client must participate actively. This doesn't mean the client should start designing and leave his/her job or personal duties. It means that the client must commit him/herself to the job, be clear when making suggestions, advise the designer, and be accurate about the subjects connected with the design. All of this is very important, and this is why the client should be informed and should know about the basics of graphic design. In this way, the client will be able to make him/herself clear and think about what he/she really wants better. To consider that information for the client is unimportant is very common but very bad. Designers' clients should make decisions all the time -about colors, type of objects, about emphasizing a functionality over the esthetics of the design, etc.- and this is why the client must be informed, and their decisions shouldn't be based on their personal taste or made impulsively. By knowing about current trends and the functions of the design elements they will be able to make right decisions, or at least, informed decisions. Let's put it in this extreme but clear way: if you had to go through an operation and the surgical intervention could pose a real risk to your life, wouldn't you want to be as informed as possible about the subject to take the right decision? Don't you think the more you know about an illness and its surgical procedure the better you will feel and the more real, proper, genuine and important your decision will be?

The design job consists in materializing ideas. That is, the ideas, concepts and values the client wants his company to transmit made into graphic objects that convey them. This means that, if you are not clear and precise, the design won't be clear and precise either. If your ideas are vague or weak, the design will also have those characteristics, if your decisions respond to your personal tastes, only you will like the design. In other words, you must make yourself clear, and to do it, you must think about everything carefully. The aim of this website is to help you think reasonably, to make yourself as clear as possible, and to adjust your design to the right standards, without loosing your identity.

To accomplish this aim, we have created this website which will deal with the basics a designer's client should know. This website has been divided into different subject sections. Each section deals with a specific subject, starting with the simplest and going to the most complex. For this reason, we recommend reading the whole website in the given order. However, as we are aware of the fact that the way we read on the internet is very unstable, we have created sections that can be read independently from the others.

Logo Design: this section deals with companies representative image in general terms. Here we provide a description, a brief history review and the main features of this graphic object.

Web Design: in this section we go into the world of websites design. We provide the basic characteristics of this area of graphic design and websites.

Types of Logos: here we provide a description of each of the three types of logos available. Apart from this, we provide an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This analysis, however, is not definite or absolute, but highly directional. We believe that choosing a type of logo before hiring a designer is very useful and speeds up the work process greatly.

Website Functions: while Web Design section deals with the features of websites, this section deals with their functions. Many people know that they need a website but they don't know why. This section will explain this by explaining the three basic functions of a website.

Relationship with the designer: on this page we provide the most common mistakes that people make in this relationship. It's highly important not to make these mistakes to accomplish a pleasant working and human relationship: that is, a positive relationship, instead of a negative or practical one. The success of the design will depend on this, and this is why both the client and the designer should take this matter into consideration.

We welcome you to this website intended for the client. We want to thank you for your trusting us and hope we can help you as much as possible. We invite you to surf this website we created for you.

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